Chromecast setup Windows Phone

Chromecast setup Windows Phone

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Chromecast Setup Windows Phone: What You Need to Know about It

The fuss of Chromecast setup Windows Phone continues to go on and on, and different people have different opinions about the function and usage of the device. Some people say that it is worth their spending – after all, the price is now less than $20 so what do they have to complain about? However, some people say that it is too much of a fuss with a confusing setup and arrangement. So, in case you are interested in having one, be sure that you really understand the term and requirement (as well as the function and benefit) before you purchase one.

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Chromecast Setup Windows Phone: Understanding the Concept

Sure, it would be tempting and appealing to have Chromecast setup Windows Phone for you, especially with such a low price tag. However, you need to consider some of the facts about this video streamer before making an impulsive decision. Having the device would be handy, alright, but only when you have the apps for it. In reality, Google will never have such app for their Windows Phone, but there is no need to worry as there are smart and creative developers out there with their latest invention.chromecast setup windows phone

As you are well aware of, Chromecast is basically a digital player designed by Google so you can play video or audio content in high-quality resolution through local network or the internet through the WiFi connection. So far, there isn’t any native Chromecast program for the users but you can always make use of Apple AirPlay or Tubecast that will deliver the same function and easiness. It may not be the native Chromecast setup Windows Phone you want, but it doesn’t affect the basic function and use.

As it was said before, there are some smart and creative Chromecast setup Windows Phone developers that are offering and developing their apps for users.

  • Tube Cast is an app allowing you to stream Youtube videos to the Chromecast. So far, there is only version 1.0 available but if you don’t need much, this basic stuff will do.
  • Cloud for Chromecast is an app allowing you to broadcast things from the Onedrive to the plug, covering music, videos, and photos folder. The application alone is free but there is a Pro version with a paid service from Google Drive and Dropbox being planned.
  • Tubecast which is a sophisticated, easy, and professional Youtube program having all the right supports, including supports for Apple Pla, DLNA, Chromecast, and others. You will have to pay to get this app but there is a free trial that you can use to see whether you like it or not.

A lot of users like the Tubecast option for the Chromecast setup Windows Phone because of the easy usage. You simply activate and use it like the Youtube user. When you watch a video, simply click on the cast option. You should be able to see Chromecast there. Once you click on it, you can have an enjoyable time watching your favorite videos.

Keep in mind that Tubecast is free but for the Chromecast support, you will have to pay for as much as $2 for the service. For the trial period, you can have 20 casts – which is more than enough to decide whether you feel that it is a worthy app or not for your personal usage. The app is even compatible with the Windows Phone 8.1 with at least RAM support of 512MB. Another thing to like from Tubecast is the flexibility, which you should try for your own convenience.

Chromecast Setup Windows Phone Download and Installation

Before you can start the Chromecast setup Windows Phone, you need to have the device on your TV first. If it is not connected, you won’t be able to use it for any device that you want.

  • When you open the box, you should be able to find the HDMI cable, the USB cable, and the Chromecast.
  • Plug the Chromecast to the HDMI port and the USB cable to the TV’s USB port.
  • Switch the TV source to HDMI. You should be able to see the Chromecast App setup now.
  • If you have done it, you can setup the app for Android, Kindle, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and even BlackBerry device.
  • Connect it to the WiFi
  • Keep in mind that you can use two options for the installation, the Tube Cast or the Cloud for Chromecast Lite.
  • In case you choose the latter, download the Cloud for Chrome and install it in your phone.
  • Open the app. Make sure that you have found the Chromecast device in it before you can play the videos.
  • If you have found the Chromecast device, you are done. Simply enjoy your videos or movies

Make sure that you really understand how to manage the setting and the overall adjustment. If you do, the Chromecast setup Windows Phone won’t be as hard as it seems.


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