Chromecast for KindleFire

Chromecast for KindleFire

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About Chromecast for KindleFire and How to Set It up

You should know that Chromecast for KindleFire only works well in the 5th generation type. If you have the previous generation, the older ones, it is most likely that you can use the Chromecast for various reasons. First of all, despite the many benefits the Chromecast delivers to users, Amazon still thinks that it doesn’t hold any great importance. And most importantly, Amazon has their own line of product for video streaming process so it is only natural that they think that the Chromecast will be their major competitor.

Despite the claim that the Chromecast is available for all mobile devices, and also the external gadgets with Android operating system, Amazon really tries to stop the installation and usage of Chromecast for KindleFire in their devices. But don’t you worry as there are many handy tips and tricks that you can learn for having the streaming app in your device.chromecast for kindlefire

Definition and Features of Chromecast for KindleFire

Most technology savvy users understand that Chromecast is a useful and handy device to stream videos that can work on any operating systems and platforms. However, if you have the tablets from Amazon (such as the Fire HDX, the Fire HD, and the Fire HDX), you can have the Chromecast for KindleFire with the screen mirroring program. Some requirements apply, though, such as the 5th generation of the tablet and the ability of your device to download and install the Google Play Store.

In the past, you won’t be able to use the Chromecast for any of your Kindle tablets but it seems that progress has been made where you are allowed to finally have the app for your better and greater satisfaction. Only for the owners of the 5th generation Fire tablets, you are still allowed to use the screen cast for the Android screen mirroring. If you want to make the check on your Kindle table, you can go to Settings, choose Device Options, and then click on Device Model. If your tablet IS the 5th generation, you should be able to operate the Google Play Store and update the service. In the end, you can have the Chromecast for KindleFire running on your device.

Unfortunately, the previous Kindle tablets don’t support the Play Store as well as the screen cast. But there are more tips and tricks that you can try as new developments are always made every day. Make sure to stay tune to the many technical websites allowing you to make changes and adjustment to your Kindle tablet.

System and Hardware Requirements

So, you are thinking about having the Chromecast for KindleFire, at last. But you don’t really know the hardware or even the system requirement. Not to worry, you need to download and then install these basic four apps in your tablet first:

  • Google Play Store
  • Google Play Service
  • Chromecast for Android
  • Google Services Framework

You can download the Chromecast and the Google Play service first and then having the rest installed directly from the APK files. However, feel free if you want to install them all from the files, feel free to do so.

Download and Install the Chromecast for KindleFire

Before you can download the needed apps, you need to enable the option for ‘Apps for the Unknown Source’ (because they aren’t from the Amazon App Store). Go to Settings and click on Application, and then enable the option so you install them in your device.

Here are the further steps:

  • Install the Google Play services. It is a free service so you don’t have to pay for anything. Once you start clicking on the ‘Free’ button, your download progress will start. If the process works well, you will get the notification that you have successfully installed the app. All you have to do is to click ‘Done’. No need to open it.
  • Install the Chromecast for KindleFire in your device. The procedure is basically the same as installing the Google Play service. Just like before, you don’t need to have t run because you still need more apps. Simply click ‘Done’.
  • Install the Google Services Framework. Since you won’t find this app in your Amazon device, you can always copy the files. In case you have an Android device (complete with the Play Store), simply copy the existing APK file for your Amazon device. If you decide to download it, there are a lot of credible and trusted download links available on Google. You only need to access them and follow the download and installation instructions.
  • Install the Google Play Store. The procedure is similar to installing the Service Framework. Again, there is no need to open the app. It is only a requirement so your Chromecast can run and work well on your Kindle tablet. The Google Play Store itself won’t be able to operate in your device, after all.

The Chromecast should be available in your device and ready to use. Don’t forget to turn off the option ‘Apps for the Unknown Source’ once the process has completed. Your Chromecast for KindleFire is ready to use, for sure.


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